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Guy Untereiner is Alsace and Art combined. Born on June 23, 1957, he lives and works in his native Alsace where he  is today one of the great representatives.

After studying fashion design in Paris in 1978 and a job with Thierry Mugler, he returned to Alsace to work as a designer designer in the Beauvillé house. For several years now, he has been working for himself and for houses like Hermès, the Hartzviller crystal factory ... He also produces paper napkins for Ambiante, a Dutch company, cookie boxes for the Poilâne bakery (Paris) but also for the queen of jams Christine Ferber (Alsace). In 2015, he made the greeting card for the Princess of Lichtenstein. He also participates in numerous exhibitions, notably in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya).

Currently, a Guy Untereiner exhibition is underway at the Hansi Museum in Colmar until the 20th century.

The Alsatian "Norman Rockwell" and two friends have created Collections & Cie, an Alsatian company that promotes "Made in Alsace". With the company, he takes part in the first export of the Strasbourg Christmas Market, in New York and every year, they take part in the Colmar Christmas Market which takes place at Koïfhus - a historical monument.

He is the Alsatian "Norman Rockwell", at ease in all styles between pop art and regionalism.


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